Towpath Cafe Reveals 2022 Menu and Hours of Operation


Towpath Cafe, a seasonal canalside restaurant, bar, café and hangout, will return from its annual winter hibernation on Wednesday, March 9.

Initially, the restaurant, run by chefs Laura Jackson and Lori De Mori, will resume breakfast service at 9 a.m. until late afternoon, including a lunch service, before closing at 5 p.m. the first fortnight, from Wednesday to Saturday.

Thereafter, as the gears shift and the weather becomes a little less hostile, it will open in the evening for snacks, low-touch refreshments, and possibly dinner.

The towpath, which is located under the Whitmore Bridge on the Regent’s Canal, south of the town of De Beauvoir, over the past half-decade and more has evolved from being something of a poorly-kept industrial secret (Rochelle Canteen-on-Regents, perhaps) to an Instagram favorite (in 2020, that site referred to “grass-green tables, an unmistakable canvas for eggs on toast, cups of espresso, peas chickpeas with chard and other delicious and simple seasonal blends”) and, in the fall of 2020, a successful cookbook: Towpath: recipes and stories.

Indeed, in 2021, Towpath has proven to be at the perfect intersection of food, design and lifestyle, with functionality in the modern home. “A place whose seasonal opening has over the past decade signaled the arrival of more optimistic times ahead for its many worshippers,” he said. Towpath’s rusticity and warmth are reminiscent of southern European holiday cuisine; his dedication to the seasons aligns him with restaurants like Spring, Cafe Cecilia, Rochelle Canteen, Cafe Deco, 40 Maltby Street and other ingredient-obsessed eateries.

And just like in 2020 and every spring before it, Towpath’s re-emergence from hibernation, on the eve of British Summer Time, “heralds warmer weather, lighter nights and brighter ingredients”.

Stay tuned for the first menu of many this Wednesday.


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