“Tried the supermarket cafe breakfasts from Morrisons, Asda and M&S – one looked so sad”


The humble supermarket cafe is a great place to eat, but which store has the best breakfast? We put Morrisons, Asda, Tesco, M&S and many more to the test

We put supermarket cafe breakfasts to the test

For many of us looking for a tasty weekend treat before we do our big grocery shopping for the week ahead, stopping by our supermarket cafe seems like a great idea.

But if you’re looking for top-notch breakfast, which cafe should you head to?

Birmingham Live reporter Rebecca Astill visited six different supermarkets to put their coffees through their paces – and while one ended up at the top of the pile, two others left her a lot to be desired.

Rebecca has dined at Morrisons, Asda, Tesco, Waitrose, M&S and Sainsbury’s and had originally planned to sample an English breakfast at each but quickly found that was not possible as some places did not even serve the breakfast staple.

Instead, she chose what she liked best and rated the food out of 10.

Rebecca tried a muffin from Waitrose


Birmingham Live)

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Waitrose- 7/10

Rebecca sampled an egg and bacon muffin with a latte from Waitrose and spent £6.45 on her meal.

The reporter said the cafe only had six menu options available, but she found that meant her food was served within five minutes, so she didn’t mind the limited choice.

She described the muffin as a “fancy version of a McDonald’s McMuffin” and said that although the egg had a “strange consistency”, the food was tasty overall.

Asda breakfast wasn’t Rebecca’s favorite


Birmingham Live)

Asda- 3/10

Eating a mini breakfast – consisting of a sausage, a slice of bacon, an egg, a hash brown, baked beans and a tomato – at the Asda cafe, Rebecca found that the overall vibe of the venue was “soulless” and “ominous”.

Alongside her breakfast, the reporter also bought a latte and paid £6.40, just 5p less than she had spent at Waitrose.

She said of the food: “The plate that arrived was a bit dull, the beans were on top of the egg, the bacon was thick but not crispy, the sausage was thick and mushy, the hash brown was bland and the coffee had a metallic silk.”

The only thing that saved breakfast from total disaster was the runny yolk in Rebecca’s egg.

Rebecca enjoyed her Morrisons breakfast


Birmingham Live)

Morrison – 10/10

Rebecca ordered another latte from Morrisons to go with her breakfast, which consisted of a sausage, a slice of bacon, an egg, beans, a tomato and two slices of toast.

With breakfast priced at £4.49 and coffee at £1.69, the journalist paid £6.18 for her meal – and she thoroughly enjoyed it.

Although the food took a little longer to come out, everything was hot and fresh, and Rebecca described her food as “crispy and generously proportioned”, earning her a perfect rating.

Reporter tasted avocado on toast from M&S


Birmingham Live)

M&S – 3/10

M&S didn’t have an option for full English either, so Rebecca opted instead for the smashed avocado and fanciful poached toast, which cost £6 on its own.

Paired with a latte, Rebecca paid £8.90 in total, but found herself bitterly disappointed when her food arrived.

She said: “You would push him to call the eggs that were served to me, poached eggs. They were boiled eggs. There was no runny yolk and they were shaped like a boiled egg with a hard shell.

“Then the avocado was completely covered in seeds, which weren’t on the menu, so much so that you couldn’t take a bite of them without their overpowering taste overriding the entire breakfast.

“I’m sorry to say that I left half the plate untouched.”

Sainsbury’s disappointed with lack of bacon


Birmingham Live)

Sainsbury’s – 6/10

The cheapest cafe on Rebecca’s list so far, Sainsbury’s has only charged the reporter £5.80 for a breakfast and latte, making it almost £3 cheaper than the M&S food.

However, the breakfast was let down by the lack of bacon as the stuffy breakfast consisted of only one sausage, fried egg, hash brown, beans and toast.

Aside from the missing bacon, Rebecca praised the runny yolk in her egg and said her dinner was still hot when it arrived – which is always a big plus.

The reporter noted that her hash browns and sausage could have been crispier, and said that while she enjoyed her breakfast, it didn’t “wow” her.

Rebecca almost gave Tesco a perfect score


Birmingham Live)

Tesco – 9/10

Finally, Rebecca went to Tesco to sample their breakfast menu, which had a great selection including waffles, halloumi and chorizo ​​- although it didn’t seem to offer full English options. .

The reporter chose chorizo ​​breakfast eggs and another latte, bringing her total to £8 and making it one of the more expensive places to visit.

Rebecca insisted the price was worth it, as she thought her breakfast was “absolutely perfect”.

She said: “The chorizo ​​​​​​was cut into small pieces and sprinkled over fried eggs and mashed avocado on sourdough toast. Between these components were wild arugula, flakes of chilli and lime.

“Everything was absolutely perfect, but I had to tie up a point for the price.”

Final Thoughts

Rebecca’s overall scores put Morrisons ahead of the pack, with Tesco trailing only slightly due to its higher price – while Asda and M&S trailed last.

The reporter said she was ‘always dreaming’ of Tesco’s eggs, but insisted it was ‘no surprise’ the Morrisons – who are often famous for their breakfasts – came out on top.

She added: “Overall, I found a big gap in supermarket cafes between those who made a little more effort to make customers feel comfortable and those who just saw it as a takeaway purchase.”

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