What is El Café Cartel? $CAFÉ


El Café Cartel is a web3 lifestyle brand specializing in classic pfp art, a thriving community and single origin coffee.

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What is El Café Cartel?

El Cafe Cartel is a web3 lifestyle brand specializing in classic pfp art, a thriving community, and single-origin coffee. The project is now focused on designing and running the staking functionality. The current focus is on company formation and token issuance.

El Café Cartel is here to influence how non-fungible token (NFT) initiatives report spending and fund distribution. The creators of the Café want to make it easier for investors to acquire information and help collectors make informed selections about which projects to invest in. And you can buy the El Café in the Paras NFT Marketplace.

The cartel also established use cases for the token and paid to reap the benefits for everyone. Every cartel member needs the right tools and equipment for the job. $CAFE earned can be used to purchase exclusive items, such as clothing and coffee products, on the website.

Sustainable and fair trade coffee will also be available for purchase with $CAFE. While Gen0 gets a 10% discount, no one in the family is left out and Gen1 gets a 5% discount.

COFFEE token

$CAFE is a utility token that collects the value created by the Valle de la Muerte ecosystem while enabling a highly gaming experience that rewards participation. The Valle de la Muerte ecosystem is intended to grow over time, and $CAFE utilities will evolve in tandem.

Wanted Poster NFT Collection

Gen 0 – A collection of 111 wanted poster NFTs, each with their own set of distinct utilities and prices.

The wanted posters are the basis of the NFT collection, representing the first form of investment in the vast environment of the Valle de la Meurta. There are only 111 Wanted Posters available, each with exclusive utilities and perks. Holders who own both a Wanted Poster and an El Café NFT Cartel earn 4.34 times more CAFE.

El Cafe Cartel Collection NFT

Gen 1 – Collection of 1,555 cartel members

The Gen 01 El Café Cartel NFT collection kicks off the second phase of ecosystem evolution. El Cafe Cartel has 1,555 cartel members with qualities designed by Funksteady. NFTs can be staked to earn 14% of the total CAFE token supply.

El Café Cartel NFT staking

NFT El Café Cartel holders who also own an NFT Wanted Poster receive more than four times the CAFE benefits. The 2.17X CAFE upgrade applies to Wanted Poster + El Café Cartel NFT combinations. If a person has a wanted poster and two El Café Cartel NFTs, they can only get higher rewards for one of them.

NFT Boosts can be matched with Cartel Town NFTs to temporarily increase CAFE staking. Lower rarity Trap House NFTs can only equip one Boost NFT at a time. Mansion Manor NFTs, on the other hand, can equip three NFT boosts at once. 1,555 NFT Cartel Town will be minted with the CAFE token and 1,555 with the NEAR token.

Cartel City NFT Staking

By staking 3,110 NFT Cartel Town, 24% of the total amount of CAFE tokens can be acquired. Holders who additionally own an El Café Cartel NFT are eligible for a 25% increase in CAFE benefits. El Café Cartel + Cartel Town NFTs are eligible for this CAFE upgrade.

COFFEE Tokenomics

Sustainable token distributions are built into CAFE’s design to maximize rewards for ecosystem players. Currently, the total CAFE supply is 130,000,000 tokens.


The main component of gamification in Valle de la Muerte is packed. The main component of gamification is introduced in Valle de la Muerte through these programs. For a predetermined amount of CAFE, users can create packages. There are four possible reward outcomes when you create a package, including different CAFE allowances or NFT boosts. Since the odds are meant to be net deflationary, slightly less CAFE is awarded than the full cost of the strike.

Distribution of CAFE from packages

The ecosystem benefits from the CAFE produced by strike packages like that of the Cartel Town NFT upgrade fee. The remaining CAFE supports the market and pays CAFE emissions for NFT Boosts when part of it is burned.

Valley of the Muerte market

Users can redeem NFT Boosts for CAFE at pre-determined rates at any time through the Valle de la Muerte Marketplace. This creates a market with a liquid floor price for NFT Boosts. Once traded, NFT Boosts are burned to produce a deflationary mechanism. Burning NFT Boosts causes future CAFE supplies to deplete. Indeed, each NFT increase distributes a brief CAFE bet boost.

The Treasury will deposit a pre-determined amount of CAFE in the market as seed funding. To finance the trading of NFT Boosts, an additional 30% of the CAFE obtained from the minting packages will be transferred to the Marketplace Vault. It might eventually be possible to exchange CAFE for NFT Boosts as well.

NFT boosts

Strike Package rewards include NFT Boosts. For a short-term increase in CAFE staking, NFT Boosts can be attached to Cartel Town NFT Residences. For a short-term increase in CAFE staking, NFT Boosts can be attached to Cartel Town NFT Residences. Additionally, users can trade CAFE tokens for NFT Boosts in the Valle de la Muerte market.

To support CAFE rewards associated with NFT Boosts, 50% of CAFE revenue from package minting and Cartel City upgrade costs will be transferred to the NFT Boosts Vault.

NFT Auctions – Rev Pool

Funksteady, an artist well known for his work on Solana and now NEAR, is the creator of all Valle de la Muerte artwork. The Cartel will be hosting an auction featuring 1/1 Funksteady artwork. Guest artists are also invited to offer their original and unique cartel-themed pieces for auction.

The RevPool receives a share of the NEAR generated by the 1/1 auctions. Possession of an NFT Wanted Poster grants access to the RevPool. To earn the NEAR in the pool, wanted poster owners can stake their CAFE in the RevPool LP. At a certain rate, the profits will be distributed among the CAFE investors.


No matter how the market moves, the team’s ability to work hard will help ensure the project’s success. Diversification is a goal, so the project’s income comes from a variety of sources, including their traditional businesses as well as cryptocurrencies. The team behind El Café Cartel aims to grow their coffee brand and company.


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