Why Animal Crossing’s next game needs to give Brewster its own coffee empire


Fan-favorite coffee-throwing pigeon Brewster didn’t get everything he deserved when he was finally brought to Animal Crossing: New Horizonsso the next title of the series should give him his own coffee empire. Of all the merchants, Brewster has the most potential to contribute to the growth of the animal crossing franchise to a new territory.

Many fans were disappointed when Animal Crossing: New Horizons published and included no trace of Brewster or its cafe, The Roost. We had to wait for the 2.0 update in November 2021, more than a year after New Horizons initial version, that Brewster became part of the game. After speaking with Blathers and meeting Brewster on a mysterious island, he agrees to settle on the player’s island. Once on the island, Brewster takes up residence on the second floor of the Blathers’ museum, opening The Roost up to all of the island’s coffee needs. Brewster’s best tip on the art of coffee is one of the many treats the pigeon brings to the game.


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Brewster and his perch were featured in the Savage World, City Folk, New Leaf, and New Horizons titles, as well as the mobile game, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Other than Sable Able, Brewster is the only NPC that can be befriended. Although Brewster’s voice is reminiscent of a grumpy villager, the added “coo” in his dialogue reveals Brewster’s kindness – he’s just a pigeon, eager to share his passion for coffee with the whole island. For just 200 Bells, a player can buy coffee from The Roost, with no daily limit or consequences. The Roost also offers New Horizons players have the chance to interact with special characters, watch villagers treat themselves to a cup to go, and invite amiibos for a coffee date. Based on how Brewster’s Roost is different in other games, specifically the expanded role The Roost plays in new sheet, the New Horizons Brewster’s update was well-received, but ultimately disappointing. The following animal crossing game should give Brewster and The Roost a coffee empire worthy of its passions.

Brewster and The Roost have empire potential in Animal Crossing

To start, Brewster needs its own building, completely separate from the Blathers’ museum. By giving The Roost its own space, animal crossing would open up a whole new realm of possibilities. animal crossing could expand The Roost by integrating a bookstore into the café; this could give Brewster the opportunity to have a business partner, perhaps a book-loving, coffee-drinking pigeon. An entire building dedicated to The Roost could also serve as a new type of social engagement – players could meet at each other’s cafes or villagers could visit The Roost as a campsite. No matter how it’s done, animal crossingThe next game needs a better Roost for Brewster and for the players.

Expanding The Roost isn’t the only thing animal crossing could do for Brewster, either. Similar to collecting bugs for Flick or fishing for CJ, a feature to collect and farm different coffee beans for Brewster could be implemented. Brewster could also start collecting Gyroids again, giving items more importance as well. Or, customize The Roost’s interior, similar to how Good family paradise works, could help increase Brewster’s village clientele, or even help raise a player’s friendship level with the barista. Finally, there could also be something set up for visiting merchants within The Roost – since The Roost secretly indicates when Celeste will already arrive on an island – such as flavors of coffee or cakes that the player must use. to help. These are just a few ideas on how to incorporate The Roost Animal Crossing: New Horizons and develop it, but it’s clear Brewster needs a bigger role in the next game.


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